For a document on the Web to be useful and usable, users must be able

Developing content for Web-based applications requires a unique combination of skills, including:

Information Architecture
The ability to organize a large, complex information set and structure it into bite-sized “chunks”. It's important to ensure that the information is logically structured, which makes it easier for users to locate what they need.

The ability to write clear, concise and understandable English text. Documents to be read online must be concise and structured for scanning, which is different from ordinary reading.

The ability to ensure technical accuracy and consistency of content throughout multiple documents.

Document Design
The ability to create web pages that smoothly integrate text and graphics, and are visually appealing. A well-designed web page improves the quality of the user's interaction with the information.

Technical Skill
A good understanding of the technologies involved in storing, distributing and maintaining content for Web-based applications is a basic requirement. Different software tools and technical environments must be used, depending on the type of application.

Web Content Development Services can do all of these things for you. I focus on making sure that the content is designed in the best possible way to optimize your users' experience with it.

In addition, I am a stickler for accuracy, which means: no grammatical errors or other typos.